There has been strong growth in the construction sector in Iraq over the past few years. The population growth due to migration alone has been estimated at 4.5% in Erbil and 9.4% in Sulaymaniah.

Together with the favorable investment law, a burgeoning private sector and a forward thinking government The Kurdistan Region continues to register impressive economic growth to find top quality partners

BUILDEXPO is an unique exhibition for international companies to present their products, equipments and services in to the international and regional construction   sector.
Build Expo brings together Middle East's and European’s global buyers and suppliers in the Kurdistan's biggest and only construction exhibition to get latest market   opportunities in the sector.
Approximately 1 million new houses will need to be constructed annually over the next 10 years to satisfy the current demand for new or improved housing in existing   households. Build Expo is the best place to show your latest products and services in the local and international market to meet the potential buyers.
Sulaymaniah's economy, since 2003 when Iraq has seen a huge economic boom, is growing fast which relies on building & construction trade.
BuildExpo has become the gateway to doing business in sector.Build Expo has potential advantages due to the International marketing campaigns, professional team,   first class participant companies and professional sector visitors.